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Information Systems & Technicians

The Technology Services Department of Cabarrus County Schools is responsible for strategizing, executing, and maintaining the school district's technological endeavors and infrastructure. By fostering close cooperation with all parties involved, we guarantee that the district's technology requirements are fulfilled in the most optimal and productive way, solidifying Cabarrus' position as a frontrunner in utilizing technology to elevate the quality of education.

As technology pioneers, it is imperative that we continuously seek opportunities to enhance our connections with stakeholders, delivering outstanding service and innovative approaches that push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Technology Services supports:

  • 50,500+ Chromebooks for Students

  • 8,900+ Laptops for Teachers 

  • 3,900+ Security Cameras

  • 320+ Network Switches

  • 3,100+ Wireless Access Points

  • 225+ Servers

  • 200,000+ spam emails blocked monthly

  • 400+ email viruses blocked monthly

Within 1 school year:

  • Average 34,000 Helpdesk tickets closed
  • 60 million emails are sent and received through CCS on average
  • Over 1.7 million calls received through our phone system
  • Our Systems average a 98.86% Network Uptime (aka they’re operational and available)
  • Over 26,000 security risks mitigated

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