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Performance Learning Center

What is the Performance Learning Center?



Cabarrus County Schools' Performance Learning Center is a small, non-traditional high school geared toward students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting. The PLC incorporates a caring philosophy and approach that combines strong personal relationships between staff and students with an intense focus on academic achievement. The PLC has low student to teacher ratios (18:1) and students receive one-on-one attention when needed.

Who should apply?

High School students...

  • Who are in danger of not graduating on time due to attendance problems.
  • Who have a strong desire to graduate from high school.
  • Who have self-discipline and motivation to work at their own pace.
  • Who have home/social concerns that require a flexible schedule.
  • Who are detached from the school environment.
  • Who may be new enrollees struggling to adapt to the school due to their recent move.
  • Who are home-bound students or are on the path to being suspended due to minor behavior problems (but not already suspended).
  • Who may have other unique circumstances that are interfering with graduating from high school. 


How to Apply

To obtain more information about applying to the PLC, contact the Graduation Coach at your current high school or call or email Robin Stancil at or  (704) 260-6800.

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Transportation is provided for students of the Performance Learning Center.

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Program Requirements

Application and interview required for 9th-12th grade students. The PLC accepts students throughout the school year, including outside of the traditional Program Choice window.

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