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Department Directory




Department Leadership

Chief Academic Officer

Sarah Reeves  

Department Leadership Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Tracey Hayes

Program Directors

CTE Director

Dr. Rusty Parker  

Department/Program Coordinators PK-12 Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator Leanne Havely

Department/Program Coordinators

Advanced Academic Coordinator.

Rebecca Welch

Department/Program Coordinators

MTSS District Coordinator

Karen Hollar  

Department/Program Coordinators

K-12 Fine Arts Coordinator

Bart Tulbert

Department/Program Coordinators

CTE Middle School Career Development Coordinator

Jennifer Yandle

Department/Program Coordinators CTE Coordinator Kendra Glover

Department/Program Coordinators PK-12 Program Choice Coordinator Heather Stowe

Instructional Specialists

CTE Programs

Melony Ritter

Instructional Specialists District AIG Specialist Geneieve Fast

Instructional Specialists

District MTSS Coach

Julie Dawe

Instructional Specialists

K-12 Science

Jessie Enlow  

Instructional Specialists

Elementary ELA and Literacy

Heidi Liddle

Instructional Specialists

Elementary Math

Laurie Fazio

Instructional Specialists

Secondary ELA and Literacy

Carolyn Valentine

Instructional Specialists

Secondary Math

Dr. Bethany Furr

Instructional Specialists CTE Development Specialist Cheryl Kusper
Special Programs Support CCHS STEM Coach 
Cabarrus County Schools Lead District STEM Coach
Cabarrus County Vex Robotics Coordinator 
Jennifer Caligan

Administrative Support

Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer

Kishma Williams 

Administrative Support Program Choice Specialist Crystal Hall
Administrative Support Administrative Assistant Curriculum and Instruction Kristen Mason
Administrative Support Administrative Assistant CTE Programs Traci Canaday