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Policies and Procedures

CTE Process and Procedures

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Wondering what steps are involved in your Purchase request after you send it to your CTEC? Here is a flow chart for a better understanding of what is involved in getting anything approved for purchase.

You can find the Purchase requisition on the CTE documents and forms page HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact your CTEC, CDC, or Caroline Trotto!


Need to go to a CTE conference or training? Here are your step by step instructions on what you need to do from start to finish.  

Once you have an understanding on what you need to do, you can go to the Documents and Forms page to start the paperwork process. Or you can click HERE.

As always, you can ask your, CDC, CIMC, or Caroline Trotto if you have any questions!


Need to fill out a prior approval, but you are confused about what to do? Here is your step by step process on how! 


Questions on how to fill out a travel reimbursement form? Here is your step by step process on how!


CTSO Participation Procedures:

The following documents and procedures must be followed for ALL CTSO conferences, including local/regional, state, and national CTSO leadership events and competitions.  ALL district paperwork for the event must be received by the CTE District office 6 weeks prior to the first day of travel for the event.  If registration is incomplete when packet is submitted please send asap. PLEASE refer to the District CTSO Calendar for specific deadlines.

ALL CTSO Advisors PLEASE complete the following:

Documents to include in the CTSO Regional/State/Nationals Trip Packet:


  • Prior Approvals must be printed 100% scale, on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in portrait orientation if printed and sent through courier.
  • All Documents must have ORIGINAL Signatures (be sure the "approved" box is checked before sending the form to the CTE office) 
  • Your Prior Approval must be sent to the CTEC at your school for a second check, and then to your principal for approval. (Middle School advisors please send directly to the CTE department)
  • Submit a completed Prior approval and the overnight form (if applicable) six week prior to travel



Last Modified on November 16, 2022