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The Handbook of Parent Rights

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The Handbook of Parent Rights

Parent Rights Handbook Revised July 2016  

Derechos Y Responsabilidades De Los Padres De Familia En Education Especial 1 julio de 2016

The Handbook of Parents' Rights was revised in July 2016.  Although no changes were made to the actual rights of parents, the updated handbook contains a new section summarizing the rights and responsibilities of parents in a way that is easy to understand. Resources, acronyms and terms often used in special education are included. The handbook provides an overview of 13 parental special education rights, sometimes called procedural safeguards. These same procedural safeguards are also available for students with disabilities who have reached the age of 18.

Because the rights of parents have not changed, Cabarrus County Schools will continue to distribute the existing handbooks until the current supply is exhausted and new Handbooks are ordered.