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Employee Documents


Application Process for Bus Drivers


  1. Applicant applies for a position online through district web
  2. Pre-employment/ background check is performed to determine eligibility for hire and ability to obtain a NC CDL license.
  3. Once approved, the applicant is provided with the Virtual Bus Class Schedule via a secure link and is enrolled in the 3-day class with the 4th day (in person) for a written test.
  4. Upon successfully completing Bus Class, applicant will obtain a CDL Learners Permit through the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. (Cost $ 73.25)
  5. Applicant must successfully complete a DOT Physical at either a Fast Med location or a DOT physician of his/her choice. (CCS Provided Voucher for Fast Med)
  6. Applicant will contact Transportation HR Specialist and set up an appointment to complete interview/pre-employment paperwork and DOT Drug Test.
  7. After a minimum of 14 days of obtaining the CDL Learners Permit, applicant will complete 4 days of behind the wheel training and testing with a NC DMV assigned agent for the district.
  8. If the applicant is successful with the behind the wheel training, applicant will make another appointment with the NC DMV to obtain his/her Full CDL License with P&S Endorsements. (Cost $ 90)
  9. HR Transportation Specialist will connect back with applicant to ensure all items including their full CDL license and hiring materials are complete.
  10. HR Transportation Specialist will then submit all documents to HR for the hiring process.
  11. HR will issue a DOT Clearinghouse Consent via email and online secure link.
  12. Driver Candidate will complete and submit the link back to the DOT for consent to run a federal background check.
  13. If all documents are completed and all checks are clear, HR will move forward and determine rate of pay and set start date with a “Congratulations” email to the new hired driver.
  14. New drivers will come to Transportation Offices on their start date for onboarding process and be assigned a route to drive. (Typically, a ride along is assigned with a veteran driver until new employees are confident with the route.)