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School Health Advisory Council

Triennial Assessment and Wellness Goals

School districts are required to engage in a Triennial Assessment on three years cycles. By and large this is a review of how districts approach important health information. This includes information related to school nutrition, physical education, approaches to staff wellness, etc. Cabarrus County Schools has approached this requirement in eight separate phases.


Families and community members interested in providing feedback related to any aspect of wellness policy and goals can email by or before August 10, 2022.

  1. Review of policies and practices based on a model school assessment (WellSAT: 3.0) conducted by Cabarrus County Schools staff representatives from Academic Services, Administrative Services, School Nutrition, School Health, and Student Services (June, 2022).
  2. Publication of the school assessment ratings and findings (June, 2022). Effective June 30, 2022 the completed document can be accessed here.
  3. Review of school assessment and determination of prospective recommendations for policy changes by the School Health Advisory Council (July 2022).
  4. Establishment of at least 3 wellness related SMART goals for the district (August, 2022).
  5. Schools will review wellness practices within their buildings (September, 2022).
  6. Schools will establish at least three wellness goals (October, 2022).
  7. School Health Advisory Committee will monitor wellness goals and review relevant policies and offer recommendations as needed (October, 2022 and quarterly thereafter).
  8. School wills review and monitor progress wellness goals (January,2023 and ongoing).


Advisory Council

Our advisory council meets periodically to review school health activities, initiatives, programming, and policies. The committee is comprised of school administrators, health officials, parents, and other community members. Our priority focus areas continue to be based on three community health priorities identified by the local health department in 2016:

  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Mental Health Support
  • Obesity Prevention

We generally hold four meetings per year (usually around lunchtime). There are occasionally additional project specific meetings that members are asked to join.

If you are interested in joining our group, please complete this form