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Instructors & Contacts

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Jim Gilreath

CCS Driver Education Director
Jim Gilreath: 704-260-6743 envelope


Central Cabarrus High School logo

  • Ronnie Bost Ronnie Bostenvelope


    Scott Brewer Scott Brewerenvelope


    Raymond Daugherty Raymond Daughertyenvelope


    Todd Hartsell Todd Hartsellenvelope

Concord High School

  • Ryan Crowder Ryan Crowderenvelope

    Steve Dunagan Steven Dunagan envelope

    Bradley Faw Bradley Fawenvelope

    Clement Fleming Clement Flemingenvelope

    Gordon Thacker Gordon Thacker  envelope


Cox Mill High School

  • Leigh Ann Davis Leigh Ann Davis  envelope

    joel ervin Joel Ervin  envelope

    brad hinson  Brad Hinson envelope

    Mason Padgett  Mason Padgett  envelope

    Kristi Parlier Kristi Parlierenvelope

    Michael Peterson Michael Petersen envelope

    vince powell  Vince Powell  envelope

    Jon Ramm Jon Ramm envelope

    Stephen Thacker   Stephen Thackerenvelope




Hickory Ridge High School logo

  • Andrew Bordeaux Andrew Bordeauxenvelope

    David Broome David Broomeenvelope

    marie cawley  Marie Cawley  envelope

    Tasker Fleming  Tasker Fleming envelope

    Scott Fortune Scott Fortuneenvelope

    Daniel Jenkins Daniel Jenkinsenvelope

    crystal jones  Crystal Jones envelope

    kenneth mcclamrock  Kenneth McClamrock envelope

    andrew pappas  Andrew Pappas envelope 

    dianna singler Dianna Singlerenvelope

    Dave Sloan Dave Sloanenvelope

Jay M. Robinson High School logo

  • James Brown James Brownenvelope

    Mark Driscoll Mark Driscollenvelope

    Daren Hartsell Darren Hartsellenvelope

Mt. Pleasant High School logo

  • Scott Barringer Scott Barringerenvelope

    Richard Dums Richard Dumsenvelope

    Justin Ridenhour Justin Ridenhourenvelope  

Northwest Cabarrus High School logo

  • Jamie Blalock Jamie Blalockenvelope

    Kathleen Brown Kathleen Brownenvelope

    Marie Cawley Marie Cawleyenvelope 

    Eric Jackson Eric Jacksonenvelope

    Marty Paxton Marty Paxtonenvelope

    Mike Porter Mike Porterenvelope


Early College RCCC/Tech and Performance Learning Center logoEarly College RCCC/Tech and Performance Learning Center logoEarly College RCCC/Tech and Performance Learning Center logo

West Cabarrus High School logo

  • Jabarr Adams Jabarr Adamsenvelope

    Ryan Brown Ryan Brownenvelope

    Otis Flowers Otis Flowersenvelope

    Quintin Klutz  Quintin Klutz  envelope

    Keith Rhoney Keith Rhoneyenvelope

     Steven Swayney Steven Swayneyenvelope

    Jessica Wilkerson Jessica Wilkersonenvelope  

Last Modified on April 6, 2023