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Guest Information

Guest Information

Prohibited Items & Screening

  • All graduates, families, and guests will be searched and screened upon entry. Be prepared to go through a metal detector or wand station. Guest bags will be searched upon arrival.
Prohibited Items:
The following items are prohibited and MUST remain in your vehicle:
  • Noisemakers
  • Whistles
  • Airhorns, Bells, etc.
  • Balloons
  • Posters, Banners, etc.
  • Glass (Vases, etc.)
  • Tobacco, Cigarettes, Vapes, Vaping Paraphernalia, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons; Guns, Knives, etc.
  • Any items banned from high school property are prohibited in the arena.

Seating & Opportunity Students


  • Seating is general admission, first come, first served.
  • Seats MAY NOT be reserved. There are no locations in the arena where this is permissible.
  • Personal items MUST NOT be placed in an empty seat.


Opportunity School Students:

  • Opportunity School students may NOT ATTEND graduation ceremonies at the Cabarrus Arena. These students are still restricted from attending their home school activities, including graduation ceremonies. Students from the Opportunity School that are eligible to graduate, will do so during the summer.

Ticket Information & FAQs

The following ticket information only applies to ceremonies at the arena for the following schools; CCHS, CMHS, HRHS, WCHS.

Why are tickets being issued?

  • The size of the graduating class, and the capacity of the arena, are the driving factors behind the decision to issue tickets.

What if I need more tickets?

  • Each graduate will only receive a set amount of tickets. Additional tickets are not being issued. However, students may exchange tickets on their own.
    • CCHS - 10 tickets per graduate
    • CMHS - 8 tickets per graduate
    • HRHS - 8 tickets per graduate
    • WCHS - 8 tickets per graduate

What if I forgot my tickets?

  • Tickets are required to gain admission to the graduation ceremony. Without tickets, guests will not be admitted.

What if I lose my tickets?

  • The tickets you receive will be numbered and unique to each graduate. No duplicate tickets will be issued.

What time should I arrive for graduation?

  • Due to the size of the graduating class, it is recommended that you arrive early. Doors open one hour before the ceremony. Although the ticket guarantees entry into the arena, it does not guarantee a seat.

What about small children?

  • All graduation guests, regardless of age, require a ticket; small children will also be included in the ticket count for admission. Every human will need a ticket.

I work for Cabarrus County Schools; do I need a ticket?

  • Yes, all graduation guests, regardless of affiliation, will need a ticket to enter the arena.

Will I have a specific seat?

  • No, tickets are for general admission only. Seats fill up quickly. It is recommended that you arrive early to keep your party together.

Can I save seats?

  • No, seat saving is NOT permitted; parties may be seated once everyone arrives.

When can I get tickets?

  • Tickets are distributed by the schools and not the county, please contact your school with any questions regarding acquiring tickets.

Can I leave tickets for a late-arriving guest to pick up?

  • Yes, Tickets can be dropped off and picked up at the checked items window at the arena entrance.


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