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Accounts Payable Q & A

    • registrations / conferences
    • travel / mileage
    • conference / hotel reservations
    • subscriptions
    • membership fees
    • annual dues
    • stamps
    • copier contract costs
    • reimbursements < $25
    • Vendor #
    • Invoice #, Hotel confirmation #, or Date of Workshop, etc
    • Vendor Address
    • Account #
    • Registration forms must be filled out; they are mailed with the check.
    • Prior Approval form must be attached for travel outside of Cabarrus County.
    • Put a Post-It Note on the front of any prepay (with your name & school) if you want the check returned to the school instead of being mailed.
  • Effective, January 1, 2017, the current mileage rate is $ 0.535 cents per mile.

  • Travel Reimbursement forms are found on our website:

    • Should be typed online and printed out - the total is automatically calculated
    • Employee's name and vendor #
    • Location - where the check should be sent
    • Account #
    • From & To locations (example Concord, NC Raleigh, NC), even if you didn't drive.
    • Total miles traveled daily
    • Mileage rate is currently at .535 per mile
    • Meals are at a per diem rate. Reimbursement for lunch requires an overnight stay.
    • On a one day trip an employee must leave before 6:00 am to get reimbursed for breakfast or return home after 8:00 pm to get reimbursed for dinner. Make notes of the times on the travel form.
    • Hotel reimbursement must have a zero balance receipt attached.
    • Receipts for parking, taxis, shuttles, luggage, etc. are required.
    • Send in with Prior Approval Form attached.

    No one can approve their own travel - Reimbursement request must also be signed by their supervisor.

  • In State - for any travel outside of Cabarrus county has to be signed by the employee and their supervisor.

    Out of State - has to also be signed by Dr. Lowder.

  • Checks are printed every Wednesday with the exceptions of holidays, and released the following Monday afternoon.

  • Checks are mailed on Mondays for the previous check run.

  • Friday is the deadline for ALL accounts payable requests.

  • EP vendors - fill in all information including:

    First screen:  ATTN: under address 

    Second screen:  Title: & Deliver To

    Third screen:  Commodity Code, and if necessary the State Contract info (Term Contract: T and Contract ID: # from the State Contact site), for each line item 

    Using the requisition copy as a cover sheet - send a copy of the list (for over 25 items), quotes or bids (three if the item is over $2,000), and Prior Approval forms for registrations, air fare and rental cars to Connie Hahn at fax# 704-262-6225. You are responsible for faxing the list to the vendor once the PO is approved. For an EP vendor write a 13 in front of the PO # that is printed on your goldenrod copy.

  • Equipment items under $5,000 use the Object Code .461 (Non-Capitalized Equipment)

    Computers and related under $5,000 use .462 (Non-Capitalized Computer Equipment)

    If per item cost for equipment is over $5,000 use the Object Code .541 (Non-Capitalized Equipment)

    If per item cost for computers and related is over $5,000 use .542 (Non-Capitalized Computer Equipment).  If all components on the requisition are required to operate the computer or smartboard, and the total is over $5,000, use .542.

    Always check your F2 screen under Budget Inquiry to verify your balance.


    Click on Term Contracts

    Under Statewide Contracts click on either:

    Alphabetical/Key Word Listing or Numerical Listing

    From our website under Accounts Payable Useful Links click on:

    How to Search Purchase & Contract by Keyword

    State Contract is constantly changing. This is a good place to scroll down and to become familiar with what is currently on State Contract. You will not have to get bids for items over $2,000 if they are on State Contract.

    Even though State Contract #s match up with commodity code #s – vendors can be either State Contract or E-Procurement or both. If the vendor is both EP and State Contract you will need to fill in the State Contract information on the third screen of an EP purchase order. Change N to T for Term Contract and type in the Contract ID # from the State Contact site for each line item.

  • Looking a vendor up under the EP vendor search is helpful because the site includes all the commodities codes for this vendor. You can view this from:

    1. Click on NC E-Procurement @ Your Service
    2. Click OK
    3. Registered Vendor Search
    4. Search for Registered Vendors
    5. Type in vendor name & enter
    6. Click on the correct vendor at the bottom of the page
    7. Scroll down to view all vendor information
    8. From our website under Accounts Payable information click on:
    9. Search Current EP Vendors
    10. Search for Registered Vendors
    11. Type in vendor name & enter
    12. Click on the correct vendor at the bottom of the page
    13. Scroll down to view all vendor information

    The new Commodity Code list from EP is Alphabetical by product category:

    Always use a code that begins with “9” for service or labor and remove the tax on that line item.

  • Email or call Connie Hahn


  • Email or call Accounts Payable


    request a W-9 from the vendor 

    1. Make detailed notes on the goldenrod copy
    2. E-mail or call Accounts Payable if the goldenrod has been signed and forwarded
    3. Contact the vendor for instructions
  • The copier costs for April - June are paid from the next fiscal year budget. 4th quarter charges are paid after July 1st.

    • When contacting a vendor - - Remember EP PO's start with 130000xxxxx.
    • Write notes on the front of the goldenrod copy if any items are canceled or returned (person you spoke with at the company and what they said, if making a return - will you receive a credit or a replacement? etc.), # of shipments
    • Make sure the vendor knows you are canceling the PO and make notes on the goldenrod copy that you send to us to cancel.
    • Attach copy of items list (for ordered items on a blanket PO), quotes, & packing slips
    • When faxing or releasing a list online to a vendor, make sure you write or type 13 in front of the PO #
    • Do not send in a goldenrod until the order is complete, checked-in and satisfactory to all
    • Employee's name and vendor #
    • Location - where the check should be sent
    • Account #
    • From & To information (example: HRMS/CHS/MPHS/HRMS)
    • Odometer readings
    • Total of miles traveled daily
    • Should be typed online - total miles will calculate automatically
    • Mileage rate is currently at .56 per mile
    • The only exception to odometer readings is if you travel to the same location every day. In this case, you can fill in From & To information once at the top of the page.

    No one can approve their own travel - Local mileage reimbursement request must also be signed by their supervisor.

  • As of October 1, 2011, the current tax rate is 7.0%. The breakdown will be 4.75% State and 2.25% County.