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K-12 Curriculum Frontpage


Thank you for visiting the Curriculum and Instruction Resource page. You can use the blue navigation buttons above to view more detailed information on Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Program Choice, and return to our homepage. 

Teachers - Please visit the Teacher Curriculum Resources Page for access to our curriculum documents.

Parents - Please visit the Parent Curriculum Resources Page to access curriculum and instructional information. 

As you use the curriculum documents, it is important to understand that our curriculum is locally determined.  The Cabarrus County Schools' curriculum was written by 200+ teachers who make up over 40 Curriculum Writing Teams.  Each curriculum team has worked to unpack the North Carolina standards and write curriculum that will meet the standards required.  

We are proud of our work with curriculum writing in Cabarrus County Schools and believe that our curriculum is an essential tool in guaranteeing a rigorous and relevant education for all students.


Leanne Havely,
PK-12 Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator


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Chief Academic Officer
P: 704-260-5631

Kishma Williams
Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer
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Leanne Havely
PK- 12 Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator
P: 704-260-5633

For information regarding Pre-K programs and enrollment please contact,  
Trina Wenzel
Preschool Director
P: 704-260-6790