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Defiance Overview

The student may:

  • Lash out verbally at others
  • Engage others in arguments and conflict
  • Unwilling to let issues go or drop them
  • Dislike being told what to do
  • Do the opposite of what told
  • Smile, cross arms, stomp feet, etc when reusing to follow directives
  • Become aggressive and act out when told to do something
  • Only do tasks or activities they like or enjoy
  • Strong verbal protest
  • Tantrums and meltdowns when told to do something
  • Quietly refuse to do as told
  • Remaining in place and refusing to move
  • Scowl, appear angry, agitated, irritated, etc
  • Withdraw (emotionally or physically)
  • Challenge the authority of adults
  • Refuse to comply with adult requests
  • Refuse to follow classroom routines
  • Project blame onto others
  • Denies the obvious
  • Unable to admit a mistake
  • Poor judgment
  • Difficulty going from Point A to Point B
  • Enormous energy and persistence
  • Often plays out scenes of control
  • May ask the same question over and over
  • Prefers to focus with intensity on one task
  • Often have only a couple of friends they seek to control
  • Inflexible in their emotions