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Working Independently Overview

The student may:

  • Frequently asks a teacher or other students for help and assistance, or to-do items for them
  • Ask teacher questions that are geared toward being given the answer rather than seeking direction
  • Try to negotiate others doing some problems or items
  • Always need to be around others to work
  • Frequently tries to work with a partner or in a group
  • Need lots of one on one attention
  • Have difficulty completing assignments
  • Have to stand over student and push them to get anything done
  • Student stops working and ceases effort when not directly supervised
  • Quick to cease effort when task becomes challenging
  • Becomes agitated and frustrated when faced with challenging tasks
  • Has trouble reading and understanding directions
  • Sits doing nothing
  • Makes up many excuses
  • Has to do other tasks before the task at hand
  • Hand in incomplete or unattempted work
  • Wait for assistance before attempting work
  • Not be a self-starter
  • Demonstrate poor follow-through
  • Act helpless
  • Play “dumb”